video displays
and digital signage


In-sync inclusive storytelling solution for video displays and digital signage

Real-time audio / video synchronization

For each on-site video screen, nearby visitors choose the audio track to listen to on their own smartphone.

Multilingual audio broadcasting

Several languages with closed captions are available for each screen. The visitor chooses the language he wants to listen to.

Smart video players

DEEALOG HD/4K video players display video playlists on-site video screens and communicate in real time with the nearby smartphones.

Video Playlists Management

Each player has its own video playlist.

The video players and playlists are managed on the DEEALOG Studio (cloud)

No internet connection

No internet connection is required for users' smartphones when DEEALOG used in conjunction with GEED Hardware.

PWA or Native

Visitors access to the DEEALOG webapp instantly or by downloading the dedicated Deealog native app.

Real-time audio / video synchronization

from video displays to nearby smartphones

Listen to any video display right from your smartphone

The DEEALOG mobile app

as PWA or native app

The DEEALOG mobile app

DEEALOG Progressive web app (PWA)

The use of the PWA DEEALOG mobile app requires no prior downloading from a "App Store".

Visitors connect to the DEEALOG network and access the application instantly from their smartphone's web browser.

As a result, the broadcast screens near the visitor appear on their smartphones.

DEEALOG app native: iOS / Android

The use of the native mobile app DEEALOG requires a pre-download from Apple / Android stores.

The app uses the 3G / 4G network to connect to DEEALOG video players.

The broadcast screens near the visitor appear automatically in the DEEALOG application.

Mobile apps accessible to all visitors

The two versions, PWA and native, app provides a guarantee of optimal adoption by visitors.

Foreign visitors not having a 3G / 4G connection access the app as a PWA from the DEEALOG network.

Cloud based management

  • Video playlists creation and management
  • Playlist allocation to on-site video players
  • Automatic video transcoding
  • Video support with multi-track audio and closed captioning
  • AI Camera detection of nearby Deealog screens
  • Sign Language videos streaming to visitors devices
  • Lipsync for audio tracks on visitors' smartphones

Your inclusive video players

with accessible Deealog plans

Get started

DEEALOG Video Players

standalone, interconnected, 4K / HD, with centralized administration


Scenario writing and playlist administration.

Automatic sync of playlists from the back office.

Automatic play on start.

and statistics

Video players are monitored in real time.

Visitor usage statistics are available in the BackOffice.

Compatibility with
AndroidTV / AppleTV

Android TV or Apple TV compatible "connected" broadcast screens do not require any additional video players.

The video player is integrated into the screen as an Android or AppleTV app.

HD / 4K broadcasting

Video players guarantee a HD or 4K video playback.

Standalone video players

Video players are autonomous in their operation.

They can also be controlled remotely from the BackOffice or from a mobile application DEEALOG Monit on-site

Technical specifications

  • Ethernet and Wifi network connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • HDMI video output
  • Storage space from 16 GB